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Bleutrade Cryptocurrency Exchange is a crypto-currency trading platform created to provide its users with a new and improved service that enforces the notion financial freedom. Fueled by the passion of disruptive solutions and,by advancements in technology, Bleutrade Exchange was born on March 24th, 2014. (Moved by the passion of disruptive solutions and mainly by technology, three partners with distinct expertise join forces and found the Bleutrade Cryptocurrency Exchange on March 24, 2014.) After numerous years in the market, we are firm believers of the power that altcoins possess and, therefore, our platform welcomes new coins from the crypto market.

With more than 5 years of experience in both the local and international market, our goal is to providing a fast, secure and intuitive platform for our users transactions. Through blockchain technology, we are able provide freedom of choice, transparency in operations and less dependency and bureaucracy. Furthermore, our platform, aids the future of humanity with unlimited and distinct applications, making your lives better, safer and more practical.

Although originally from Brazil, Bleutrade has reallocated itself to Malta in 2018 due to the various opportunities that the island presents to companies within the Blockchain industry. The island of Malta, unlike other nations, created regulations to welcome the industry and foster its expansion. Due to its regulatory flexibility and responsiveness to innovation, Malta has opened its doors to companies like ours.

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