Limits, Fees & Deadlines

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Bleutrade Limits, Fees & Deadlines

Bleutrade reserves the right to charge a Fee ranging from 0.0% to 0.5% per trade, as well as fixed fees for withdrawals. This fee is charged on every transaction completed by all website users. This operation may vary and may be different for each account. Fees are charged according to the base currency of the market.

Check our fees here:

  • Limit Orders:
    Maker 0.25%
    Taker 0.25%
  • AMI Orders:
    Maker 0.0%
    Taker 0.25%

Check here your Limits.

Bleutrade users that complete the account verfication will enjoy higher daily withdrawal limits. The new withdrawal limits are listed below.

  • Starter Account: 0 BTC limit

  • Intermediate Account :  20 BTC per day

  • Pro Account
    Full Due Diligence carried out:
    . Higher individual limits
    . Corporate Account

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