By accessing or using the BLEUTRADE website located at https://bleutrade.com/ (the "Site") and any services provided through the Site (collectively, the "Services"), YOU ("USER") AGREE TO BE BOUND BY THESE TERMS OF USE ("TERMS"). The Services are owned and controlled by bleutrade.com and the terms "us", "us" and "our" refer to bleutrade.com. These Terms affect your legal rights and obligations. If you do not agree to be bound by these Terms, do not access or use the Services.

BLEU DIGITAL ENTERPRESIES LTD. (Called "BLEUTRADE"), headquartered at 60-2, Melita Street, Valleta VLT 1122, Malta, legal entity under private law, registered with C 88906, with its articles of incorporation filed at MALTA COMPANIES ACT, 1995, has an online platform ("BLEUTRADE Platform" or "Platform") developed with the purpose of intermediating CRYPTOCURRENCIES exchange of its users through of your site, addressed to the domain https://bleutrade.com/ ("Website of bleutrade.com"); and the USER, COMPLETE THIS TERM & CONDITIONS OF USE AND SERVICES, which defines the conditions under which the USER may access and utilize the features of the system owned by bleutrade.com.


1.1 Bleutrade reserves the right to change or modify the terms and conditions contained in these Terms, such changes being duly published in the Revised Terms for the Site with insertion of the "Last Review" date at the top of the Terms.


2.1 The website Bleutrade (https://bleutrade.com) (hereinafter simply referred to as "Site") is maintained by BLEU DIGITAL ENTERPRISES LTD, a company registered with C 88906, with its articles of incorporation filed at MALTA COMPANIES ACT, 1995. And, its purpose is to offer its users a platform for the "trades" between Bitcoins and Altcoins.

The PLATFORM of the site allows the USER to exchange their cryptocurrencies with other USERS.

2.2 BLEUTRADE does not buy, sell Bitcoins or Altcoins and may, however, it can provide liquidity to certain markets if it deems necessary. The Site only allows the approximation between USERS who wish to exchange their own crypto-coins, and offers functionalities to facilitate and secure these transactions.


3.1 Through its online platform, BLEUTRADE makes available to USERS registered on its website, the following services:

3.1.1 Temporary storage of CRYPTOCURRENCIES in VIRTUAL WALLETS so that the "trades" are carried out;

3.1.2 secure environment to carry out transactions EXCHANGE CRYPTOCURRENCIES between USERS buyers and sellers;

3.1.3 only the CRYPTOCURRENCIES described on the URL: https://bleutrade.com/member/my_balances can be stored in the BLEUTRADE Virtual Portfolios;

3.1.4 BLEUTRADE reserves the right to cease trading at any time with any Altcoins for reasons of its own or unrelated to its will (DELIST), but undertakes to communicate to the USERS such procedure on a daily basis of the site for 15 (FIFTEEN) days, so that USERS can take necessary action.

3.1.5. The registration is essential for the USER to use the services, and only after its completion will the Virtual Wallet be created, which, through access with a registered login and password, will enable the USER to consult and carry out transactions

IT IS STRESSED THAT THE REGISTRATION INITIALLY DOES NOT PREVENT NEW REQUESTS, such as "USER" photo with its respective identification document, sending SMS to USER telephone number, among others, with the clear objective of guaranteeing the security of PLATFORM and USERS .

3.1.6. After the validation of the register made by the USER, through BLEUTRADE, a registration ("Virtual wallet") owned by BLEUTRADE will be automatically created with the balances of the values deposited in CRYPTOCURRENCIES owned by USER. The balances in question may be used for purchases and sales of CRYPTOCURRENCIES within the Platform, and may also be redeemed by the USER, subject to the rules set forth in the clause of these Terms and Conditions.

3.1.7. All activities performed by USERS shall be the sole responsibility of those. BLEUTRADE, through its Services, intermediates the exchange of CRYPTOCURRENCIES of the USERS, as well as stores the history of operations temporarily in its Virtual Wallets, being, therefore, mere intermediary.


4.1 The use of any of the BLEUTRADE Services by the USER will imply its automatic, immediate, full and unrestricted acceptance of this T& Cas well as KYC security techniques and Privacy Policy. By using any SERVICES offered, the USER agrees to abide by and follow all the guidelines set forth in this T&C and its ANNEXES (including PRIVACY TERMS) and to comply with the legal precepts,

4.2 By using any of the Services of BLEUTRADE, the USER hereby affirms that it has read, understood and assimilated all the rights and obligations set forth in this T & C and its ANNEXES, does not agree with all legal precepts that pervade it, as well as observe, respect and follow all the guidelines set forth in the present T & C and ANNEXES.

4.3 If there is any opposition or objection to items, guidelines or even subsequent changes in T&C, or in case of dissatisfaction with the Services offered, subject to the provisions of this Terms and Conditions of use, the USER is entitled to assignment / interruption of use of the Services.

4.4 The present T&C of BLEUTRADE may be altered, motivated by legal, operational or strategic reasons. From now on, the USER agrees and acknowledges that it is his responsibility to periodically check the T&C always available updated at the URL: https://bleutrade.com/help/termos_de_uso

4.5 BLEUTRADE may inform the USERS, at its discretion and liberality, about significant changes in the T&C, through notices, emails or through one of its official channels ("Official Channels").

4.6 The use of the SERVICE PLATFORM, even if partial, indicates that the USER agrees with this T&C.

4.7 The USER undertakes not to use BLEUTRADE as custodian (concept: site responsible for storing assets, such as stocks, bonds, among others).


5.1 In addition to completing the online form, if the USER wishes to have full access to the services and functionalities available on the site, he / she shall, through the Site itself, grant additional and truthful information (following the KYC procedures - Know Your Customer / your USER), such as: a valid identity image with a photo, a photo of the user holding a valid identity document with a photo, showing the ownership of the same; the number of the identity, proof of residence, among others; for the purpose of validating information.

5.2 USERS who choose not to send a copy of their identity document may have restrictions for the purchase or sale of Bitcoins / Altcoins through the Site, as well as for access to other services and functionalities, including limits on transactions that are lower than those of other USERS.

5.3 To register on the Site, the USER must be more than 18 (eighteen) full years, if you have between 16 (sixteen) and 18 (eighteen) years, you must provide your identity and that of your Representative, who will assume responsibility for the acts, contractual services, redemption of premium and any and all acts performed with less than eighteen (18) years. BLEUTRADE shall forward to the child's legal representative a copy of this T&C, as well as a Statement of Responsibility, which shall be signed, notarized and forwarded to BLEUTRADE.

5.4 The registration of legal entities as USERS must necessarily be performed by a legal representative duly authorized to do so.

5.5 The USER undertakes to provide true, current and complete information at the time of his/her register and shall keep this information current.

5.6 BLEUTRADE is not responsible for the information provided by the USER at the time of its registration, and such information is provided under the sole responsibility of the USER.

5.7 The provision of false information or improper use of third party data in your own name constitutes a crime typified by the Maltese Penal Code. In any of these cases, BLEUTRADE may permanently suspend or cancel the access of the USER in question to all services and functionalities of the Site, without prejudice to any other measures provided by the legislation in force.

5.8 With the basic register, the USER will be able to carry out small transactions in the platform BLEUTRADE, the limits are duly available in the URL: https://bleutrade.com/help/settings


5.9 BLEUTRADE may, at its sole discretion and after exceeding the limit described on item 5.8, request additional documents and information to confirm or maintain the Registration of any USER. In the event that BLEUTRADE decides to exercise this faculty in relation to any USER, the Registry of that USER may be suspended or definitively canceled if the USER refuses to provide the information or to send the required documents or, if it is still found, from the analysis of such information and documents, that the USER entered false or incomplete information at the time of its Registration.

5.10 Each USER may maintain only one Register on the Site. If there is more than one Registry relating to the same person, one or all of these Registry entries may be suspended or canceled at BLEUTRADE's discretion.

5.11 BLEUTRADE reserves the right to refuse any application for Registration, as well as the possibility of suspending or canceling a Register previously accepted in the following cases: (i) breach of any of the provisions of these Terms of Use; (ii) the impossibility of verifying the identity of the USER or finding falsehood in any of the information provided by him; (iii) the USER's practice of fraudulent, fraudulent or deceitful acts of any kind in the conduct that, at BLEUTRADE's discretion, is incompatible with the objectives of the Site, even if it does not cause harm to third parties, guaranteeing the exercise of civility between the parts.

5.12 In the event that the Registration of any USER is suspended or canceled for any of the reasons provided in these Terms of Use, all their Bitcoins/Altcoins exchange Orders not yet executed will be automatically canceled.

5.13 BLEUTRADE shall not be responsible for the withadrawal addresses used by the USERS, and they shall be liable for any damages they cause to third parties, in particular, they shall be subject to appropriate penalties and penalties.

5.14 By consenting to this T&C, USERS undertake to communicate to BLEUTRADE, through the URL: https://bleutrade.com/help "by clicking on the" Support Ticket "option, any access or suspicion of improper access, as well as any and any activity that causes distrust. It is recommended that, for your safety, do not use social networks for such an act.

5.15 It is up to the USER to create a strong, SAFE AND UNIQUE password, to keep it safe and secure, preventing the improper registration of third parties.

5.16 BLEUTRADE does not have a password storage system, nor does it have access to the password created by the USER; only a cryptographic hash. Therefore, the password does not circulate through the "Network", guaranteeing the commitment of BLEUTRADE to enable security.

5.17 BLEUTRADE will NEVER request your password, telephone, email or any other means of communication. Therefore, never give it to anyone, even if requested by some supposed employee of BLEUTRADE.

5.18 The USER understands, accepts and agrees that ANY AND ALL transactions must be effected by and only by the owner of the register.

5.19. The user who performs phone registration through SMS, can only change the data by plausible justification for such, such as: "Notitia Criminis" in case of theft or robbery; communication of loss by means of a Police Occurrence Bulletin; as well as by any other official forms.


6.1 BLEUTRADE, owns the rights of the software object of this T&C, in this act and by the best form of right, grants to the USER a use license, in a non-exclusive and non-transferable character, made available for use via the internet - online platform.

6.2 The USER declares himself/herself fully responsible for the information entered in PLATAFORM through registration, such as permissions, passwords and mode of use. BLEUTRADE, under no circumstances, will be responsible for the content (information, passwords, copies of information, etc.) offered by the USER, therefore, this information is not modified or disclosed at any time. The responsibility for the information is always the USER.

6.3 The PLATFORM made available by BLEUTRADE to the USER will be maintained on internet servers homologated by BLEUTRADE.

6.4 BLEUTRADE reserves the right to update PLATFORM whenever it wishes, as well as to stop marketing it, update it, or even discontinue it at any time.

6.5 In case of discontinuity of PLATAFORM, BLEUTRADE will guarantee minimum functionality for up to 3 (three) months after the date of the discontinuity announcement.


7.1 In order to perform CRYPTOCURRENCIES "trades" through the Site, the USER must previously have successfully registered and accepted all provisions of these Terms of Use and our Privacy Policy.

7.2 BLEUTRADE (acting as intermediary of the negotiations) offers a platform that enables the execution of transactions by the USERS themselves, where they negotiate directly with each other.

7.3 After registration, basic or complete, a VIRTUAL PORTFOLIO for the USER will be created, which can then access, consult and transact through the use of your password and login.

7.4 The basic registration gives the right to make a small number of trades, defined in the URL https://bleutrade.com/help/settings. After exceeding this limit, the USER must complete his registration by sending the requested documents, otherwise he may have his account blocked.

7.5 BLEUTRADE may, at its sole discretion, increase and decrease the limits of the amounts in each exchange, initially stipulated.

7.6 THE VIRTUAL PORTFOLIO of the USER represents, in an illustrative way, CRYPTOCURRENCIES which may be: (I) withdrawn by the USER and transferred to another VIRTUAL PORTFOLIO; (II) temporarily stored; (III) made available for possible exchanges.

7.7 Transactions between USERS are the sole responsibility of USERS. BLEUTRADE makes possible, through PLATAFORM, the temporary storage of CRYPTOCURRENCIES in VIRTUAL PORTFOLIOS and CRYPTOCURRENCIES transactions.

7.8 As a condition of the use of the Services, the USER understands and acknowledges that the CRYPTOCURRENCIES exchange transactions are carried out at his own risk and that BLEUTRADE acts exclusively as the maintainer of PLATFORM for USERS to trade among themselves. At no time shall BLEUTRADE be liable for any loss, damage, loss and / or loss of profits that may be suffered by USERS due to the purchase and sale transactions carried out or not through the platform.

7.9 BLEUTRADE is not an investment advice nor does your Services imply any kind of investment advice and / or application on CRYPTOCURRENCIES, and the USER does so at his own risk. BLEUTRADE suggests that its USERS inform themselves about the operation of CRYPTOCURRENCIES, its valorization, oscillation and forms of investments before using the platform.


8.1 The USER who wishes to make exchanges with other USERS shall publish on the Site an Exchange Order, by completing the form available on the Site in the "Orders" option. Before publishing your Exchange Order, the USER must have transferred the value of the Exchange Order, in Bitcoins / Altcoins, to BLEUTRADE, through the forms available on the Site.

8.2 The USER acknowledges that each Exchange Order published by him on the Site represents a firm exchange offer between Bitcoins / Altcoins referred to in the Exchange Order with a price indicated by the USER. Thus, the USER hereby declares that, upon acceptance of its Order of Exchange by another USER, the exchange of the Bitcoins / Altcoins, object of the Purchase Order will be automatically carried out by the Site and may not be undone or modified. Once the Exchange order is accepted by any USER, CRYPTOCURRENCIES corresponding to said purchase will be automatically transferred by the Site to the accepting USER account. The USER may cancel any Purchase Order ONLY before its acceptance by another USER.

8.3 The USER must be aware that any Order of exchange published by it may be partially accepted by another USER. Thus, for example, if the USER publishes an Exchange Order of 05 (five) Ethers, another USER may partially accept this Order and agree to the sale of 3 Ethers at the price specified therein. In that case, the remainder of the Purchase Order may be canceled by the USER that published it, or it may keep it in force, pending other USERS also agree to exchange the remaining Ethers at the price of the Exchange Order, up to the limit of the remaining quantity Order.

8.4 In the event that the USER wishes to cancel a Purchase Order published by it and not yet accepted by another USER, the USER issuing the Order to be canceled may request, through the Site itself, the return of the Bitcoins / Altcoins transferred to BLEUTRADE. This return will be carried out by BLEUTRADE necessarily for the "wallet" informed in its Cadastre and once used for the operation.

8.5 BLEUTRADE is not a party, nor shall it be considered a party, in any of the exchange transactions performed by the USERS through the Site and shall not be responsible for the effective fulfillment of the obligations assumed by the USERS in these transactions.

8.6 The USER acknowledges and accepts that, in conducting negotiations with other USERS, it does so at its own risk, recognizing BLEUTRADE only as a provider of virtual space availability services for negotiation between USERS. In no event shall BLEUTRADE be liable for any loss, damage, loss or loss of profits that the USER may suffer due to negotiations carried out or not carried out through the Site.

8.7 The USER must make sure that he / she has correctly entered the address of his / her place of storage (wallet) for the withdrawal of Bitcoins / Altcoins from the Site. BLEUTRADE is not responsible for any mistakes made by the USER in entering the wallet address.

8.8 BLEUTRADE recommends that every transaction be carried out with caution, common sense and an adequate level of understanding by the USER that participates in it. Therefore, the USER undertakes and is solely responsible for not using the SERVICES for the direct or indirect purposes of (i) violating any law, regulation, this T & C, or performing acts contrary to morality and morality; (ii) practice money laundering; and / or (iii) finance activities and / or organizations involving terrorism, mafia, drug trafficking, human persons and / or organs.

9.1 The USERS buyers and sellers declare to be familiar and agree, through the acceptance of these Terms and Conditions, with the systematic match of Purchase Orders and Sale using BLEUTRADE technology, through which are consolidated purchase orders and Sale made by its USERS, and the transactions are immediately effected in accordance with the consolidated offers of purchase and sale.


10.1 The USER may store only CRYPTOCURRENCIES in its Virtual Wallet for purposes of future issues of CRYPTOCURRENCIES Exchange Order, in this way, there is no fostering of a custody relationship between BLEUTRADE and the USER.

10.2 At any time, and without prejudice to the provisions of item 10.1, the USER may request the withdrawal of its CRYPTOCURRENCIES respecting the daily limits published on the site.

10.3 The withdrawal requests made by the USER may be delayed for several reasons unrelated to the goodwill of BLEUTRADE such as: instability in the BLEUTRADE Platform; overhead in the Bitcoin / Altcoin network; exhaustion of the hotwallet (the recharge is done manually and in this case and can take up to 72h); among others.


11.1 In its sole and exclusive discretion, BLEUTRADE may increase or decrease limits previously determined. The limits to transact on the Platform of each USER will be determined according to the level of security and limits pre-established by BLEUTRADE, according to the Panel of Security and Limits available in the site always updated in the URL: https://bleutrade.com/help settings

11.2 It is the responsibility of the USER to modify the password from time to time to also prevent unauthorized access by third parties.

11.3 Any statements, recommendations, opinions or contacts made with BLEUTRADE shall be made through their official channels (listed on the website on the help screen). BLEUTRADE will not be responsible and will not be bound by any content communicated, formal or informal, that is not officially addressed through Official Channels.

11.4 The personal opinion of any partner, director or any employees made outside the Official Channels does not necessarily reflect the opinion or position of BLEUTRADE.


12.1 Registration on the Site is free.

12.2 BECAUSE, due to the Services provided by BLEUTRADE, fees will be charged in accordance with the Tariff Panel available on the BLEUTRADE website, always updated at the URL: https://bleutrade.com/help/fees_and_deadlines

12.3 BLEUTRADE may modify the Tariff Panel, provided that it notifies the Platform ("Site").

12.4 The USER may not use the BLEUTRADE Services at any time if he does not wish to accept any changes to the Tariff Panel.

12.5 BLEUTRADE will collect the fees at the moment of occurrence of TRADE performed directly from the amounts credited to the USER's Virtual Wallet.

12.6 Fees will be levied on the amount of fact received during the execution of the Order.

12.7 BLEUTRADE reserves the right to take the necessary judicial and extrajudicial measures to receive any amounts due to it.


13.1 It is the knowledge and agreement of the USER that BLEUTRADE may, in its sole and exclusive discretion, suspend, cancel, deactivate, block or terminate the access of the USER to all or certain Services, without any prior notice and at any time . By mere liberality, BLEUTRADE can make communication through the Platform ("Site"), as well as by e-mail duly registered by the USER.


14.1 The USER may terminate this instrument at any time, by requesting the closure of the register of its ownership at the URL: https://bleutrade.com/help/support.

14.2 The termination of the registration of the USER and, consequently, of the VIRTUAL PORTFOLIO in the Platform of its ownership, will only be possible if there is no registration of funds, that is, if there are no CRYPTOCURRENCIES values at the time of cancellation, being the USER to make due allowances or sales, if applicable.

14.3 After the suspension and / or cancellation of the user registry, made by himself or by BLEUTRADE, the USER acknowledges that he may no longer have access to and / or retrieve information about transactions carried out through PLATAFORM, and BLEUTRADE does not have any obligation to store nor to pass on this information to the USER.

14.4 If there is suspicion of fraud or illegal activity, BLEUTRADE may take legal action, either at the time of termination or not, in addition to being possible to withhold all funds stored in the USER's Virtual Wallet until the investigations are completed, including , with the possibility of confiscation of the amounts and subsequent transfer to the third party.

14.5 BLEUTRADE reserves the right to suspend, cancel, deactivate, block or terminate the registrations of USERS indefinitely and without notice at any time, if it occurs, but not limited to indications of:

14.5.1 Violation of any of the terms of the T&C;

14.5.2 Involvement in bad faith, fraudulent or illegal conduits;

14.5.3 Registration or provision of false, inaccurate, incomplete or misleading information;

14.5.4 Failure to provide or provide additional information and documents, whatever the request of BLEUTRADE; and use the Services of BLEUTRADE in disregard of the legislation or any pertinent regulation;

14.5.5 Use of the Services in disagreement with the law or any related regulation;

14.5.6 Double-spending attempt (same as CRYPTOCURRENCIES for two operations).

14.6 Termination of this T&C will not affect any rights and obligations that may accrue prior to the termination or termination of this T&C and / or the provision of the SERVICES. The obligations of any of the parties contracted by this T&C will remain upon termination and will continue in full force and effect until they are remedied, including, but not limited to, those arising from CRITERION transactions and PURCHASE ORDER AND SALES ORDER.

14.7 In case of suspension and / or cancellation of registration by any of the parties, the USER will have a period of 60 (sixty) days to indicate another SITE, platform, manager and / or e-wallet of CRYPTOCURRENCIES for transfer. In case the USER fails to inform the new and valid data for this, the value will be reversed in favor of BLEUTRADE.

14.8 The forms of interruption, suspension and deactivation of the SERVICES do not exempt USERS at any time from compliance with this T&C, including, but not limited to, the LIABILITY and TERMINATION clauses that survive termination of the relationship between the user and the BLEUTRADE.


15.1 If it is found that the account is inactive for more than 180 days, this Agreement may be terminated unilaterally by BLEUTRADE without any liability being imposed. In order to refund any deposited balances, the USER should contact the company directly, through support https://bleutrade.com/help/support, where it should confirm data and provide other more, if the requested information does not prove ownership, the value will be destined to BLEUTRADE.

15.2 After the inactivation of the account provided in item 15.2, the user will have a period of 180 (one hundred and eighty) days to request the refund of the funds existing in his VIRTUAL PORTFOLIO. Failing this, after the deadline stipulated in this clause, the funds in the user's VIRTUAL PORTFOLIO will be allocated to BLEUTRADE.


16.1 The account of the USER may be blocked according to Clause 14.5 above as well as for the reasons listed below:

16.1.1 Loss of access to the password, such as forgetting the password, without plausible justification;

16.1.2 Repeated Attempt to Draw Over the Limit;

16.2 In case of loss of access to the password, such as for example, forgetting password or repeated attempts of withdrawals above the limit, BLEUTRADE will adopt the LOCK procedure of the USER account. In situations such as those described, BLEUTRADE will contact the USER by the email registered previously in the platform and may request information for verification of the same. A video conference (Skype or Hangout) with the USER can also be requested.

16.3 The deadline for releasing the withdrawal will be 07 (seven) days, after due verification.

16.4 In case of urgent need of withdrawal above the limit, the USER must submit to the immediate mailings of telephone, e-mail and image including the USER holding an official document with photo, after that, should contact https://bleutrade.com / help / support stating the reasons.



17.1.1 The Platform will be constantly perfected by BLEUTRADE, according to its convenience and necessity, and may even occur temporary suspension of services by virtue of improvement by BLEUTRADE. All modifications, improvements and corrections made to the Platform, even if informed, requested and eventually paid by the USER, are incorporated into the Platform and subject to the terms of this T&C.

17.1.2 BLEUTRADE is empowered to accept suggestions for improvement made by the USER, and in no case shall he be entitled to any proprietary rights to such insertions or improvements. However, it will be guaranteed access to the functional improvements, corrections and / or new features of the Platform eventually developed / implemented by BLEUTRADE.


17.2.1 The services of the Site are available for access exclusively through the Internet. In order to access our services, USERS must be provided with the necessary and appropriate equipment, such as computer with properly installed and licensed browser, modem, as well as provisioning services and Internet access infrastructure.

17.2.2 The services of the Site are subject to interruptions, delays and problems inherent to the use of the Internet. BLEUTRADE shall not be liable for any of these interruptions, delays or problems, or for any defects or limitations of the equipment or navigation program used by the USERS, or for any defects or limitations of the access provision services or access infrastructure. Internet contracted by USERS.

17.2.3 BLEUTRADE shall not be responsible for any virus that may attack the USER equipment due to access, use or navigation on the Internet or as a consequence of the transfer of data, files, images, texts or audio.


18.1 BLEUTRADE shall not be liable for: (i) results produced by PLATAFORM, if it is affected by any external program, such as those known as viruses, or due to failure of operation or data corruption; (ii) any defect arising from the sole fault of the USER; (iii) integration of PLATAFORM contracted with any other third party software or the USER; (iv) damages or losses arising from administrative, managerial or commercial decisions taken based on the information provided by the USER; (v) problems in the physical and logical network of the USER; (vi) events defined in civil law as a fortuitous event or force majeure event (vii) dangerous and / or inappropriate use of PLATFORM; and (viii) technical factors that make it impossible to transfer data and / or download information from PLATFORM contracted by the USER and / or their respective versions, if any.


19.1 USERS acknowledge and agree that BLEUTRADE is the sole and exclusive owner of all copyrights and intellectual property, related to the Site, including its domain name, its programming, files, databases, content, design, features and and that such rights are protected by law, in accordance with Maltese legislation and international treaties and conventions to which Malta is a signatory. The trade name BLEUTRADE, the brand BLEUTRADE, and the products and services associated with this brand are the exclusive property of BLEU DIGITAL ENTERPRESIES LTD. and its unauthorized use is subject to the consequences provided by law.

19.2 These Terms of Use do not imply the assignment or transfer to the USER of any rights in connection with the Site, or any part of its content or features. USERS may use the Site only to the strictest terms permitted in these Terms of Use.

19.3 All elements and / or tools made available on the BLEUTRADE Platform to the USER are intended for the exclusive use of the Services and may not be used, copied, reproduced, distributed, transmitted, broadcast, displayed, sold, licensed or otherwise exploited for any purpose without the prior written consent of BLEUTRADE's legal representative.

19.4 The USERS are prohibited from modifying or attempting to modify any functionality of the Site, to produce any derivations from the Site, or to access any part of the Site for the creation of a competing product or service, or any product or service that contains ideas, characteristics or functions similar to those of the Site. The use of any device, software or other resource that may interfere with the activities and operations of the Site or that has the purpose of improper access to the information or databases of the Site is also not allowed. Any activity that violates or contravenes intellectual property laws, other applicable rules or prohibitions set forth in these Terms of Use will subject the responsible to the relevant legal consequences, including compensation for any damages caused.

19.5 The Site may display links to other Internet sites, which does not mean that such sites are owned or operated by BLEUTRADE. BLEUTRADE has no control over the content of other sites whose access is facilitated by links inserted in our Site, and, therefore, will not be responsible for the contents, practices and services offered in these other sites.

19.6 Users hereby authorize the sending of e-mail marketing by BLEUTRADE, with the purpose of informing the user, for any reason, through general communications, information, opportunities and other possible means. BLEUTRADE is not authorized to pass on / sell user data to another company.

19.7 When in doubt about the use of a resource to BLEUTRADE should be consulted through the link https://bleutrade.com/help/support.


21.1 The deadline for the use of the Platform shall be for an indefinite period.


22.1 All personal data informed by the USER at the time of their Registration are stored on servers or high security magnetic media.

22.2 All operations and transactions of CRYPTOCURRENCIES carried out through the Platform and due to the Services of BLEUTRADE, will preserve the identity of the USER. That is, BLEUTRADE will not expose information or data that identify it, unless required by law.

22.3 BLEUTRADE may also disclose data and information of any USER, if required by law and / or by order of a competent authority.

22.4 BLEUTRADE takes all possible measures to maintain the confidentiality and security of the information provided by its USERS. However, USERS declare that they are aware of the possibility of a violation of the security of the Site's servers due to hacker attacks or other circumstances beyond which are subject to systems connected to the Internet, in which cases, despite the best efforts, may happen. Information and data of USERS may be illegally accessed by third parties.

22.5 For more information on the protection of your personal data, see our Privacy Policy.


23.1 BLEUTRADE may change, at any time, these Terms of Use, in order to improve and improve the services offered by the Site.

23.2 Any changes to these Terms of Use shall take effect immediately upon posting on the Site.

23.3 If the USER does not agree with any changes implemented in these Terms of Use, you must immediately cancel your Registration. If the USER does not make this cancellation, he will agree to the new Terms of Use.


24.1 In the event of non-compliance by the USER with any provision of these Terms of Use, BLEUTRADE may declare it resolved in relation to that USER, regardless of any notice, notification or any other formality, immediately interrupting access of the USER to the Site, without prejudice to any other rights assured to BLEUTRADE by law or by these Terms of Use.

24.2 Should any provision of this T&C be found to be unenforceable or invalid, that provision shall be individually invalidated and shall not apply to the remainder of the provisions of these T & Cs.

24.3 An integral and inseparable part of these Terms of Use, which are considered to be incorporated herein, are:

Table of Commissions, Deadlines and Limits

24.4 These Terms of Use shall be governed by the laws of Malta and shall be elected by the Valletta Capital forum, to the exclusion of any other, no matter how privileged it may or may be, to settle any disputes or controversies arising out of these Terms of Use .

24.5 The tolerance of one party with another for noncompliance with any of the obligations assumed in this T & C does not constitute novation or waiver of rights. The tolerant party may, at any time, demand from the other party the faithful and complete fulfillment of this T & C.

24.6 This T & C binds the parties and their successors under any title.

24.7 The impossibility of enforcing or invalidating, even if by virtue of a judicial decision, any clause, will not affect the validity of the other clauses of this T & C, which will remain valid and executable according to its terms.

24.8 BLEUTRADE reserves the right to modify this T & C at any time, and the USER will be informed of such changes by accepting the new provisions.