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Bleutrade is the ideal cryptoplace where you buy and sell cryptocurrency in a reliable, intuitive and easy way.

Why Bleutrade

5 Years of Experience

In the cryptosphere, know-how does matters. Our 250,000 bleutradians have been negotiating crypto assets with us since 2014 in a reliable, intuitive, effective and easy way.

Exclusive AMI Order

Automatic trades are the new big thing, however, you do not need to pay for it. With our exclusive AMI order you can trade like a robot, without being one.

Direct Transfers

Don’t pay unnecessary high mining fees. Perform direct fund transfers between our worldwide partner exchanges in a short period of time of only 2 seconds.

Special Conditions

Would you like to trade high amounts while incurring low costs? Market makers on Bleutrade get a substantial discount on fees to improve performance.

Affiliate Program

Ever heard of passive income? Earn commissions just for recommending new users and receive 50% over all transactions which have been made by your affiliates.

Gems Coins

Here you can find the new hidden gems coins. We have been investing our time and energy by working on high quality assets. Join us to find the next big crypto element on Bleutrade.


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