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Bleutrade Privacy Policy

Bleutrade Privacy Policy


The terms “we”, “us” and “our” are used to relate to the Company.

Terms/abbreviations/words inserted in this Privacy Policy, keep the same meaning as those described in the Terms of Use.


This Privacy Policy describes how the Company collects, uses, shares, stores, discards and protects the Personal Data of the User, customer and visitor (“Data Subjects”) obtained through Bleutrade and the Platform. The company shall do its best to preserve and protect the privacy of the data subjects. 

In this sense, the Policy described below should explain how the Company complies with the General Data Protection Rules 2016/679 (“GDPR”), the Data Protection Law, and other related Portuguese laws (“Law”), in addition to Processing of Personal Data, subsidiary regulations of Portuguese laws in the European Union (EU) and in the European Economic Area (“EEA”).

When using Bleutrade, the Data subject is subject to this Privacy Policy. We suggest that the User read the Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy, so that the User understands the types of personal data collected once registered on the Bleutrade platform. IF YOU DO NOT AGREE TO THE TERMS, PLEASE CANCEL THE REGISTRATION ON THE PLATFORM.

The information provided by the Data subject can be stored, processed, transferred, used and discarded by the Company, including, among others, the information and/or data that can be used by itself or with other information to identify, directly or indirectly users, situations, among others.


The following definitions, including, but not limited to, “Controller”, “Data subject” and “Personal data” used in this Privacy Policy have the same meaning as was incorporated into the GDPR.


This Privacy Policy has legislative changes introduced by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). In this sense, Bleutrade comes to inform its customers and partners about the rules that govern the treatment of personal data in the context of its activities.


The Company acts as a Controller under the terms of the GDPR and undertakes to comply with its principles, as stipulated in Section 5 (1) and 5 (2) of the GDPR, in which it is stated in the first item that ‘the Controller will be responsible and shall demonstrate compliance with the GDPR and its principles relating to personal data’. 

Accordingly, Personal Data must be processed in a fair and transparent manner, in addition to being collected only for legitimate purposes and are protected in an appropriate manner. The personal data collected by the Company shall be accurate and up to date and must not be retained for longer than necessary.

Regarding the protection of the subject data, the Company shall protect it, committing itself not to transfer the Personal Data of the subject outside the EEA, unless the appropriate level of protection is ensured and described in the GDPR.


Information provided to the Company by the Data Subject when registering on the platform, initially passes through the presentation of telephone, email, among other data that enable communication between the parties. Then, the requested information is intended to confirm personal data, such as name, identification selfie, financial or credit card information or digital wallet, copy of identity card or passport, date of birth, home address or other data that can be used for the purpose of identifying the Data subject and required in terms of the Money laundering / Know your customer manual (“AML / KYC”) and which may be necessary to comply with the laws applicable to this contractual instrument.

The following technical information will be collected automatically by the Company: Internet protocol (IP) address used to connect your computer to the Internet; the login/login information of the Data subject; information about the browser plug-in type and versions; “time zone”; full URLs (Uniform Resources Locations); among others. 

Information may also be collected automatically by the Company through cookies and tracking. The data subject who chooses not to authorize the use of Platform cookies on his computer’s hard drive, shall take the necessary measures in the security settings of the web browsers to block all cookies on the website.

The Company may also receive information from third parties, including, among others, Company partners, payment services, advertising networks, research information in order to comply with the provision of services available, as well as comply with legal requirements.

If the Data Subject activates a device enabled for location inside the Platform, the Company may collect positioning data or use several means to determine it.


We use the information collected to provide our services (and improve them) to data subjects and to verify their identity in accordance with the AML / KYC Manual. We use the IP address and identifiers stored in your device’s cookies to help us authenticate your identity and offer our service. In detriment to legal obligations and system requirements, the Company cannot provide services without collecting data such as identification, contact information and information related to transactions.


By consenting to this policy, the Subject’s personal data may be processed. Once unequivocal and voluntary consent is given, the processing of information is necessary for the performance of the services; for the use of Bleutrade; for the fulfillment of legal obligations arising from the AML Regulation or obligations arising from the public interest, except when that interest is replaced by an individual’s interest in protecting the fundamental rights and freedoms arising from the right to privacy.


The Company shall, at the request of the Data Subject, rectify, block or delete your Personal Data that has not been processed under the terms of the GDPR and the Data Protection Act. The company will do its best to keep the data subject’s information up to date. The Data Subject shall notify the Company within a reasonable time of any updates regarding his Personal Data.


According to the GDPR, the Data subject has the right to ask the Company to delete his Personal data. The Company shall take all necessary measures to comply with this request, unless Personal Data needs to be retained to comply with legal obligations or court orders.


The data transfer by the subject is a necessary condition for the use of Bleutrade’s services, considering that the Internet operates in a global environment and the use of this to collect and process Personal Data necessarily involves the transmission of information on international bases or cross-border. 

By using the Platform, communicating with Bleutrade, you expressly acknowledge and agree to the processing and disclosure of the Personal Data of the subjects by the Company, thus, when performing registration/operations, the Subject expressly agrees with the disclosure of his personal data by the company to third party intermediaries (if applicable).


The Company protects the information collected using physical, technical and administrative security measures to reduce, as much as possible, the risks of disclosure, illegal processing, accidental loss of information, destruction, damage and unauthorized access. In the event of a security breach, the Company will make every effort to try to correct it.


The Company will retain the Personal Data of the Subjects who operate on the Platform for a reasonable period or for the time required by law.


When the company receives requests for the disposal of personal data by the data subjects, the company shall ensure that these requests are dealt with within a reasonable time. However, the Company reserves the right to keep a record of such requests.

Furthermore, it is the duty of the Company to strive to provide an adequate disposal mechanism, in order to guaranty that no personal data is leaked to third parties, in addition to the search for an effective response by the company to the breach of personal data.

When the Company becomes aware of a suspected or actual breach of Personal Data, it shall conduct an internal investigation/take appropriate corrective measures in a timely manner. When there is a suspicion that there has been a breach of the Personal Data of the Data Subject, the Company will notify the relevant competent authority within 72 (seventy-two) hours from the date the Company is aware of such breach.


The Company is incorporated in Portugal. In this way, the Data subject when using the Bleutrade/Platform applications or providing the information, consents to providing and transferring information as provided for in Portuguese laws, as well as those of the European Union.


The Company shall update its Privacy Policy from time to time, at its discretion and in response to changes in legal, technical and/or commercial development. Data subjects shall be informed in accordance with the updated version of the Privacy Policy.


This Privacy Policy was updated on April 15th, 2020 and is effective as of that date.

Any and all questions related to this Privacy Policy shall be answered through our Help Center, through:

Address of the company: Rua Amália Luazes, nº 23, 1º J, Distrito: Porto, Concelho: Porto, Freguesia: Paranhos, 4200 052 PORTO

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